Fireplace Cleaning & Service | Denver, CO



Come on Colorado! Get connected with the best and most honest gas fireplace technician in the area. Has the absurd price of service got you down? Having a problem, got a question, or just want maintenance on your gas fireplace or grille equipment? Call Ron at Fire Fox Gas Fireplace Service (303-324-7803) to schedule a service call. Your convenience, safety, and knowledge are my priorities.
Many gas fireplace issues are solved by cleaning and servicing. If repairs are needed I carry all commonly used parts to get your unit up and running (many repairs do not require parts), and I always attempt to offer you repair options with your safety, preferences, and your units ability to run in mind. If special order parts are needed or wanted I will do my best to expedite the process. Not all gas fireplace and grill issues are problems with the unit, but may involve the environment, installation issues, or unit design issues (all these issues may be outside the scope of a service call and may require repair of the installation issues before the unit will operate correctly).
Your fireplace and its repair, or continued efficient operation from both an economic and enjoyment perspective depends on a number of factors:
  • Safety
  • The age of the unit and its prior and current use
  • The environment of the unit, both within your residence and outdoor weather conditions
  • The installation of the unit, including its vent configuration and gas line (in some cases your home's gas line system)
  • Type of unit and its design capabilities (gas fireplace, gas fireplace insert, gas freestanding stove, gas log, vent-free gas log or fireplace)
  • Your familiarity with the unit
  • Your personal requirements
  • Your unit's efficiency