Service Call From Fire Fox Gas Fireplace Service in Denver, CO



When speaking to you about your service call, information is extremely powerful and useful in regard to my ability to help you with your issue or in getting the most bang for your buck. I may be asking you some questions about your unit(s):
  • Does the unit have a pilot light?
  • How do you turn your unit ON, what happens next, then how long does it take to exhibit the issue or problem, does the issue exhibit itself consistently?
  • How many units do you have and will I be servicing?
  • Is it possible to demonstrate the problem?
  • The location of your fireplace or grill at your residence
  • The scope of the issue(s)
  • What you're looking for in regard to service, repair, maintenance, cleaning
  • Your fireplace or grills history
  • Your location
  • Your past and present experiences, with this unit and others you may have owned in the past
Your gas fireplace or grill service experience will be greatly enhanced if someone who is currently experienced with the unit, and who knows as much as possible in regard to any issues and its past history is available at the time of service. Prior to service please have the work area around your unit clear, any literature/manuals you have available, and any past service records on hand. A knowledgeable person, the units information and history are powerful information and may help (or may not) in the repair and/or repair options for your unit.
Service calls are generally scheduled in a 2 hour window, I strive to arrive near the beginning of that window and I will call if I'm running late (very rare). Please advise me (303-324-7803) if problems arise with the scheduled time or day. Please make sure your unit is not running at or prior to the time of service (unless instructed or agreed otherwise).
Call 303-324-7803 for a quote and quick consultation.